So you have just graduated from the lowly private pilot license for helicopters with a brand new commercial rating. And it feels great! Now you have two options; find an entry-level job in the crowded market or start a business in aviation. Of course, running a helicopter service can be lucrative, but it requires a big financial commitment. Here are some of the best rotorcraft business ideas you can start today.


Sightseeing is the first thing which comes to mind when you have a helicopter lying around, and it’s easy to see why. Operators in this space charge affordable amounts for short hops around a city or natural scenery, and they end up making money. The secret to making this business work is nurturing healthy relationships with people in the hospitality industry.


Training people how to fly helicopters and helping them acquire pilot licenses is an excellent business idea for an experienced flyer. However, you will need training certification which costs a fortune and requires a substantial amount of effort.

If you do it right, students may come back to hire your choppers for solo flights, resulting in recurring revenue. It’s also worth noting that this business requires a significant investment. Several birds, an office, classroom space, and a couple of instructors are some of the things needed to get a helicopter training school off the ground.

Private Charter

Large corporations often hire helicopters for business trips. And they have a thing for large helicopters fitted with noise-cancelling technology, luxury seats, and elegant finishes. But those cost a fortune. If that is not within your reach, find a job as a “chauffeur” for one of the local corporations which transport executives to different cities. That will give you the chance to explore other places while getting paid premium rates; all without having to worry about the costs of owning a luxury helicopter.