Helicopter rides are for people who want to see it all in the least amount of time possible. Climb aboard a helicopter in London and get a panoramic view of some of the most stunning landmarks, including Wembley Stadium, Canary Wharf, and Big Ben in 30 minutes or less.

However, chopper rides are typically expensive. And in most cases, the quote you get upfront is usually not what you end up spending. A 30-minute London tour costs anywhere between £120 and £250, but some helicopter charter services charge extra for front row seats, which is totally worth it. The last thing you’d want is to be sat in the middle row of a six-seater helicopter.

Financing Helicopter Rides

The easiest way to get a chopper ride without spending your money upfront is by getting a work perk or a gift from someone. However, there are a lot of loan services, such as the Intus Savings and Loan Association, willing to offer cash to the right people. Some of them might want to check your credit history and others need collateral. Either way, look out for high-interest rates when going for these types of loans.

What to Expect

Most rides start with a briefing on the rules of helicopter flight. When that’s done, you’ll jump into a waiting helicopter, strap the safety belt on, wear big headphones, and prepare to be amazed. Nearly all London tour operators follow the meander of the River Thames, and pilots are supposed to point passengers to all the visible landmarks.

The London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and Hyde Park are some of the places every pilot will show their passengers. And this part of the tour takes only a couple of minutes. That’s why most London tour packages include repeating the River Thames route, just in case someone missed something the first time. The rest of it is a scenic view of residential buildings and London’s green spaces.