It’s true what they say; when time matters, helicopters have the edge. These aircraft can conveniently deliver people to remote destinations and take thrill-seekers on sightseeing tours in the utmost style. However, helicopter rides are not cheap.

Type of Helicopter

The cost of chartering a helicopter depends heavily on the type of chopper you need. A single-engine, such as the R22, is significantly cheaper to hire than its bigger brother the R66. Larger, twin-engine choppers can brave turbulent weather, fly at night and carry more passengers. Plus, most of them come with impressive noise-cancelling technologies, and the interior finishes are just amazing.

Distance Covered

Another thing which directly affects the cost of hiring a helicopter is obviously the distance you intend to cover. If the departure and destination points are far from each other, expect a longer flight time. This figure is then multiplied with the hourly rate to get the total amount payable, without factoring in landing fees, extra pilot fees, and overnight expenses. You might also want to keep in mind that flights may cost more on days when the charter company has pre-planned tasks or events.


People think helicopters can land on any open field out there, but that’s far from the reality. Pilots have to make sure the landing spots meet all the helicopter’s performance requirements. And the landowner must consent to the idea of landing on his property; which usually means paying a fee.

To avoid this extra cost, arrange for a free landing spot within the premises you intend to visit. If that doesn’t work out, find someone with suitable land in the neighbourhood, and negotiate for a fair price. Alternatively, leave all the hard work to the chartering company. They should find a spot which is less than 10 minutes away from the destination.