For over 100 years now, militaries have used helicopters to deploy troops, supplies, and cargo to just about anywhere in the world. Sometimes they are lifting heavy things from A to B on an almost empty fuel tank. And other times they have to fly in treacherous weather conditions. That’s why military helicopters need to be robust, fast, and reliable.

CH-47 Chinook

Crowned as the fastest military helicopter in 2019, the Chinook-47 is a mission-ready rotorcraft designed to move troops, artillery, equipment and cargo in high-risk operations. It was thoughtfully designed by Boeing’s Defense, Space and Security department, who gave it two Honeywell engines which crank out a combined 4777shp. The aircraft has a top speed of 315km/h, and it can carry a 10886kg payload on an almost empty fuel tank. However, this bad boy might get an upgrade soon, as it has served in the military space for over 50 years now.

Mi-35M Helicopter

Popularly known as the Hind E, the Mi-35 is a multi-purpose military rotorcraft built by Rostvertol, a child company of Russian Helicopters. The aircraft is famous for having superior performance and more manoeuvrability than it’s predecessor, the Mi-24. And it can carry high-precision weaponry which is capable of destroying armoured targets. That makes it a perfect bird for aerial attacks, ground assault, and even medical evacuation. It explains why a good number of militaries across the world have this helicopter in their lineups.

AW110 Merlin

Designed as a medium-lift helicopter, the AW110 might not be as powerful as other rotorcrafts in this list. But it comes with an impressive range and can endure harsh weather conditions. The aircraft also has the required flexibility to do just about anything, ranging from tactical support in on and offshore battle-fields to working in the commercial space as a VIP air taxi.