Helicopters offer a certain level of convenience which no other means of transport can rival; not even their fixed-winged cousins. They are no longer a preserve for the super-rich as stiff competition in the charter sector has seen helicopter rides become more affordable. Prices start at £120 per person for a 30-minute flight. Still, you have to really love flying to justify splashing that kind of money on a ride.

Smart People

The truth is, you don’t have to be rich to afford a helicopter ride. Just make the right financial decisions today, and you’ll be sat on the front seat of a metal bird in no time. It starts with crafting a leaner budget for your daily expenditure. The thing is, most people live in bigger houses than they should and buy stuff they don’t need.

After removing all unnecessary expenses, join an individual wealth planning company. An excellent example of such a business is Intus Life; they will help you manage your savings and create a path to financial freedom.

Business People

People in business are also big on hiring helicopters for corporate reasons. Some of them want to use the least amount of time travelling from A to B, others want to make a statement, and the rest charter flights to reward their best employees. Whatever the reason, business people seem to be the life-line of chartered flights in most countries.

Racing Organisers

Major sporting events hire helicopters to offer the much-needed aerial support. Sailing races, for example, need choppers to facilitate aerial video coverage while keeping tabs on the overall situation. The same applies to big wave surfing, thunderbolt racing, and on/offtrack car racing. These kinds of jobs are quite lucrative for helicopter charter services. That explains why it is super challenging to book a ride with any reputable company during these events.