It’s funny how people who can afford sailing across the ocean in luxury yachts never really have the time to do it. For most of them, a couple of hours on the weekend to split between family and friends is the best-case scenario. And that’s where helicopter pleasure tours come in. For as little as £150, you can enjoy an aerial view of England’s scenery and landmarks in a few minutes. Here are some of the most scenic helicopter tours in the UK, besides the famous trip around London.

Derbyshire High Peak Tour

Derbyshire is one of the most beautiful places in the UK, home to the Crich Tramway Village, the Bleaklow Moorland, and Kinder Scout. And the idea of combining all these sites in one package was a dream for a long time until helicopter tours came along. Now you can enjoy a couple of Derbyshire’s landmarks and scenic views in a matter of minutes. Just find a reputable charter service, book a front-row seat, and bring a fully charged camera.

Cornish Coastline

Cornwall is famous for having a gorgeous, craggy shore featuring relaxing waves. And there’s no better way to see miles of this coastline than to go on a helicopter tour. Some of the notable landmarks along this route include Lands End, the Pendeen Lighthouse and Minack Theatre. There’s also a few tin mine remains and beautiful Cornish countryside.

Yorkshire Helicopter Tours

Another great way to experience England’s scenic views is to go on a Yorkshire helicopter ride. Besides being home to Richard III, Yorkshire features several landmarks including Upper Wharfedale, Aysgarth Falls and Newbiggin village. Most tour operators on this route fly at 1500 feet, giving you a chance to cover the famous limestone areas, caves, and waterfalls. You also get to see Ingleborough; the second-highest, flat-topped, mountain in the Yorkshire Dales.